“I want to do my own thing,” said a client of mine. “I am tired of tired of being overworked, underpaid and not really appreciated,” he said.
“Let’s talk,” I replied. ” I own a business and am pretty well tied into the franchise community so I can at least offer you some perspective on this topic.”
This certainly wasn’t the first time I had had this conversation so when finally he launched into his fears about what if things didn’t work out, I did my best to allay his fears.
The key word for this conversation is FEAR. There are lots of cute definitions for this word, but the reality is that fear is the biggest obstacle to creating success. And I mean any type of success, not just success in business ownership.
Given the over bearing media culture we live in, it is no wonder most people are afraid. One negative experience or observation of someone else’s bad experience can hamstring even optimistic people to take action.
So when it comes to fear and business ownership and the fear of something failing, I often hear these words. “What if it doesn’t work? What if I lose money?”
I reply. But what if does work? What if what you want to happen when you launch a business not only works, but it far exceeds your expectations? What if you only earn the same income you had working for someone else, but you now enjoy the autonomy that comes with being your own boss. What if your creativity and energy allowed you to try those things your old boss wouldn’t let you even consider? What if your business venture grew in value and provided you with an asset to sell when you are ready to retire. What if, what if, what if.
Yep, things can go wrong. Yep, businesses can fail. And yep even smart people lose their asses sometimes. In fact, in a study of multi-millionaires, over 90% of them had lost tons of money before ever making it big time. Most of them were afraid. Most of them however likely maintained a belief that they could figure it all out and make it work.
ALL of them however did the one thing that ALL successful business people know and do, they persisted. They didn’t give up. They maintained their belief that they would succeed in the end.
So as you contemplate ditching the merry go round of employment for the roller coaster of business ownership your thought process MUST begin with . . . What if it works…..What will it look like, feel like and be like to create the successful business I want. If you are not able to begin there, but instead let the fear of failing before you even try permeate your thoughts, my advice is to keep your day job and find something about it that you can love.
Optimistic is essential for business owners. Persistence and belief are cornerstones for success. Hope trumps fear . . . always!