The most common question we get asked at LBC Franchising Corp is this:

“What are the hottest franchise concepts out there and how can I own one?”

Our answer is . . . well . . .  it depends upon what your goals are.

The reality is that just because a concept is hot doesn’t mean it is a good business fit for just anyone.  The assumption is often that if it makes money it must be a good business.   Some concepts can turn a generous and quick profit, but before we take clients down those roads we need to be sure their goals, cultural attitudes, work habits, desired work environments and a host of other questions are aligned first.

Just because a concept is growing quickly doesn’t mean it earns the franchisee a ton of money either.  There are many VERY WELL KNOWN brands that the public loves but the franchise owners can’t earn enough income without owning multiple units.  And multiple units typically means larger investments and greater risks.

Conversely, there are some less than glamorous and lesser known brands that require lower investments and turn greater profits than some multiple units.

We know from experience that the wrong fit can waste years of your professional life and possibly thousands of your hard earned dollars.  Let us educate you about opportunities that are right for you so that when and if you enter business ownership via the franchising model you can launch a business that will allow you to reach your lifestyle and income goals.